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Tid: 2020-05-13 08:30 till: 12:00

Communication and presentation techniques

Workshop for scientists. 

Capture the imagination of audiences with your science in conference talks, science slams and science outreach efforts.


Vattenhallen Science Center and Elevate Scientific cordially invite to a workshop that will provide you with presentation technique insights on how to effectively communicate your research to broad audiences. 

Scope and objectives

In this workshop you will learn essential strategies and tools to plan, develop, and deliver short, yet impactful presentations that make a lasting impact on target audiences. This workshop will cover:

  • Story techniques that enable you to craft clear, concise and compelling narratives adapted to target audiences.
  • Effective techniques for clear, confident and engaging delivery of your presentation.
  • Opportunity to practice your presentation techniques in front of a live audience and receive feedback from fellow course participants.

Workshop leader

Dr. Nellie Linander
Nellie is Elevate Scientific’s Training Product Manager and presentation-technique trainer. She is an accomplished science communicator, having distinguished herself in many science slams, through science outreach to children, and teaching science to kids and presentation techniques to scientists. Nellie holds a PhD in biology from Lund University. 


Logistics and Registration 

Date, time and place: 13th of May 2020, 08.30 – 12.00 at Vattenhallen Science Center, Lund

Registration: Register by April 30, 2020 at the latest

E-mail stefan [dot] zamudio [at] vattenhallen [dot] lu [dot] se () to register. In your email please specify your intended audience (conference talk, science slam, teaching activity) and your field of research. 

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