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Be a part of the inspiration

Vattenhallen is a science center with strong ties to Lund University. The Faculty of Engineering LTH collaborates with the Faculty of Science, and Vattenhallen is home to the Planetarium in Lund. Many university departments and private companies have contributed their expertise and knowledge in the development of new exhibitions and experiments. Many teachers and scientists have been active in meetings with schoolchildren, teenagers and other visitors to Vattenhallen, which has helped us achieve our aim of being a meeting place for the University, schools, private industry and the wider public. 

Vattenhallen has close to 45000 visitors a year. Children and teenagers between 3-18 years old attend our programs for schools every day. Students do their internships or work experience (prao) here. Teachers come for further education, businesses and organizations have their meetings, kick-offs and other events here, and on weekends and school holidays Vattenhallen is filled with families enjoying a day out, or having a kid’s birthday party in Vattenhallen. 

In 2018, we inaugurated four hundred square meters of new visitor space and offices. This allow us to receive more visits from schools and the general public as well as to broaden and develop our school programs for children and teenagers even further. 

Vattenhallen currently receives most of its funding from the Faculty of Engineering, LTH. The Faculty of Science funds the planetarium and has invested in a new digital projector. The Faculty of Medicine at Lund University also support our exhibitions and experiments. Revenue from sales and entrance fees currently cover about 25 percent of our running costs. To continue to work towards our goal of being a source of inspiration and motivation to children, teenagers and adults, as well as to have the opportunity to develop new and interesting experiments and exhibitions, we rely on support from companies and organizations.


What exposure do private sponsors receive?  

  • All companies are featured on our website and in brochures outlining our activities.
  • Companies are also featured on a display inside Vattenhallen.
  • If you have chosen to sponsor a particular experiment, the company name will be presented in close connection to the experiment.
  • As a sponsor you will be part of a network with close ties to  the university’s scientists and research.

If you are interested in a partnership with Vattenhallen, or you want to find out more about how you can become part of the inspiration, please feel free to contact us.